Our mission

Our mission is the plan we are using to take our decisions and actions.

- Offer the best possible customer experience

- Offer to our people the greatest regional prices

- Offer a warm and friendly service that unlike any other    
  as well as high quality products, all of this under one roof

Our vision

Our vision is meant to frame the realisation of our mission while continue growing and expanding in a durable way.

Environment :

Continue what we are doing while always reducing the impact on our passion, nature.

Team :

Staying in a nice and dynamic relationship with other members of the team to keep positive vibes and stay efficient.

Custumer :

Offer to the inhabitants of our region a huge selection of products that allows them to avoid the long road that leads to stores in big cities.

Technology :

Always looking forward to technologic improvements so that we can offer a better and faster service.

Our story

It is during the year 2012 that a couple friends passionate about nature, note that there is something clearly missing in the region. They started to visualize offering to the people of Val-d'Or a hunting, fishing and outdoor store like the ones we can find in big cities.


These ambitious businessmen finally made their dream come true in the spring of 2013 . They opened the brand new hunting and fishing store in Val-d’Or, aiming to offer a large and diversified choice while standing out with an exemplary customer service.


In the summer of 2014, the growing needs of the inventory justify a lack of space , new additional locals are made available to the store. The company's growing success in the following years exceeded expectations.


During the course of 2016, noting that the company's original mission was unfortunately exceeded, shareholders note that major changes must be made.


A major reorganization began in January 2017. It reshuffled the administration of the store and the existing team, with the aim of regaining control and responding adequately to growing customer demand. In addition a brand image began its appearance, opening a brand new Facebook page and a new website revamped. By bringing Val-d'Or and the region closer to its mission, it offers a diversified inventory by offering competitive prices due to high purchasing power and flourishing success of the Ecotone banner.